Black Door Services

Black Door Development offers a wide range of services for residential building and remodels:

Architectural Services

Black Door works with customers to help design their new home or remodel an existing home. We work with clients to develop a full set of architectural plans for their dream home ready to present to the city for the permit approval process. Black Door believes in creating homes with optimal flow and where each space is a practical and desirable living area, while always keeping in mind resell value of a property.

Construction Permits
Black Door will manage the permit approval process with the city, which can be a complicated and time consuming process. Experience is a valuable tool during this phase, which is a frustrating part of any residential project, but a necessary step that most projects have to go through.

Project Management
In addition to design services, Black Door can manage the entire implementation of a project from A to Z, a service that is an especially valuable service to busy professionals who have limited time, and/or no experience with construction. For most clients, this is the difference between dreams getting implemented versus staying at the idea phase indefinitely.
Black Door selects and manages the contractors and sub-contractors, securing competitive quotes from all trades based on our network of licensed and insured professionals who are aware that we provide each of them with work well beyond just one project. In addition, we work with our clients to design their dream interior, selecting and sourcing all the finishes including paint colors, flooring, tiling, bathrooms, appliances and all other finishes that are so important to the budget and the finished product.
Black Door will assure the correct implementation of the plans, manage the project so that it is finished in a timely fashion, within budget and according to the city codes, making sure the dreams for your home become a reality.
And most importantly, during the whole process we will fight to be your voice and to keep your costs as low as possible.

Interior Design and Staging
Black Door also offers interior design and staging services for residences. Clients may want to complete any renovation/addition up to and including the design of the interior and furniture layout, or request our services in staging a home or making some essential changes in preparing it for sale. We strongly believe that a well-furnished and designed interior significantly improves the sales price and selling time of a house.